The world is committing to decarbonization. 

We help deliver the net zero promise, one building at a time.



Optimize reduction of energy, GHG emissions, and embodied carbon


Integrate Circularity

Divert waste from landfills, extend building-life and improve resiliency


Improve Planning

Increase ROI of projects by integrating decarbonization and circularity assessments in capital planning

We are on a mission to make holistic decarbonization and circularity planning efficient, accessible, and affordable.

Adaptis is a state-of-the-plate decision-support platform for decarbonization and circularity planning for building owners and consultants working on deep decarbonization, circularity, and long-term resilience planning of their real estate projects and  portfolios. 


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Limited building life cycles and difficulty in building adaptation lead to more than 60% of all building demolition in North America.

Carbon emission reduction, and construction and demolition waste mitigation are possible through intelligent building adaptation planning and design for existing buildings.

Our Solution

We improve data input process and management by automating building information input and improving benchmarking and target definition.

We automate and optimize design generation and assessment for a variety of performance metrics, including our proprietary and patent-pending methodologies
for circularity.

We improve the decision-making process by presenting large amounts of data in an interactive and easy-to-digest way through our platform.

We validate decarbonization and circularity strategies during construction and track progress for GHG Protocol Scope 1-3 and ESG reporting, throughout the project life cycle.

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Adaptis generates design solutions for existing buildings, as part of retrofits or adaptive reuse, and new construction projects while simultaneously evaluating design options across various performance metrics. 

Adaptis helps improve decision-making from early planning stages through design and construction, on-going maintenance and future adaptability planning. 

We Use Patent Pending Methodologies To Optimize Operational And Embodied Carbon, Salvage Value Estimation, Deconstruction Planning, Circular Design Integration And Cost-Benefit Analysis

Our Customers

Explore possibilities for feasible decarbonization and circularity of your