We empower

Adaptis enables embodied carbon management, facilitates circular design and enables future adaptability planning for existing buildings and new construction projects.

We harness the power of data-driven design for decarbonizing our cities.


We examine conditions and assets in existing buildings and new construction projects and determine opportunities for optimized environmental performance, life cycle carbon and circularity measures.

Understand Opportunities

Automated and optimized environmental, life cycle, embodied carbon and circularity assessment

Determine Goals

Sustainable goal definition, assessment, and reporting

Extend Assets

Optimized material recovery, asset values, cost-effective demolition, disassembly and next use assessment


We develop data-driven planning for demolition, disassembly and next use management and identify opportunities for reuse, refurbishment, and upcycling.


Our platform enables embodied carbon assessment and benchmarking of projects. We identify impacts and strategies for improvement, provide customized decarbonization strategies and generate value from circular business opportunities.


Data-driven decarbonization strategies including reuse, refurbishment and upcycling, resource capture and next-use management

Future Ready

Lowering embodied carbon, strategies for adaptability and optimizing for end-of-life

Innovative Business Models

Value creation from residual flows and innovative circular business opportunities


We provide data-driven circular project feasibility and design option generation, analysis and optimization. We optimize construction and material processes in building adaptation projects and adaptable new construction projects through digital design and fabrication technology, Design for Manufacturing (DfM) and Design for Disassembly (DfD). 

Expertise in environmental and carbon performance, resource efficiency and innovative circular design principles are at our core. 

Data-driven Feasibility Analysis, and Optimized Design Option Generation

Optimizing feasibility and project design for environmental performance,  constructability and financial feasibility

Advanced Fabrication and Manufacturing Integration

Minimizing waste and optimizing for selected construction systems and methods from the start of a project


Future Adaptability Planning and End-of-Life Optimization

Integerating Design for Disassembly principles and adaptability planning for optimized future adaptation: conversion, extension and reuse